College - 3 Years LLB Course:Overview


The syllabi of Three Year Law Course leading to LLB Degree will include the following subjects:-

First Semester

  • Law of Contract I(Section 1 to 75 & Specific Relief Act)
  • Law of Torts I
  • Family Law I (Hindu Law)
  • Law of Crimes.
  • International Law
  • Constitutional Law I
  • Legal Language / Legal Writing including general English

Second Semester

  • Law of Contract II
  • Law of Torts II & Consumer Protection Act.
  • Family Law II (Muslim Law)
  • Law of Crimes. II
  • International Law II (Human Rights)
  • Constitutional Law II
  • Interpretation of Statues.

Third Semester

  • Jurisprudence –I (Legal Theory)
  • Company Law – I
  • Property Law – I
  • Criminal Procedure Code – I
  • Law of Evidence.
  • Labour Law – I (Labour – Management Relations)
  • Professional Ethics, Accountability for Lawyers and Bar Bench Relations

Fourth Semester

  • Jurisprudence –II (Legal Concept)
  • Company Law – II
  • Property Law – II(Inclusion of Easement Act.)
  • Criminal Procedure Code – II, Juvenile Justice Act.
  • Civil Procedure Code & Limitation
  • Labour Law – II (Labour Welfare Legislation)
  •  Drafting, Pleading & Conveyancing.

Fifth Semester

  • Administrative Law – I
  • Environmental Law including Law for Protection of the wild life and other living creatures including animal welfare – I
  • Land law including Law or ceiling and other local law –I
  • Women and Law
  • Criminal & Penology.
  • Arbitration conciliation and Alternate Dispute Resolution Systems.
  • Practical Training (Clinical Legal Education), Public Interest Lawyering Legal aid and Para Legal services.

Sixth Semester

  • Administrative Law II
  • Environmental Law including Laws for the protection of the wild life and other living creatures including animal welfare – II.
  • Land Law including ceiling and other local Laws –II
  • Child and Law
  • Internal Organization.
  • Practical training – Professional ethics accountability of Lawyers and Bar Bench Relations.